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Because focus is the only way to go today

At Otto Systems, we focus on solutions for special applications in the world of PET preform production. This gives you the competitive edge of receiving a turnkey production unit.

Photo of a typical injection molding system from Otto Systems.
Otto Systems' commitment

Driven by producer needs and tecHnical expertise

Otto System's innovations are based on more than 40 years of experience in the development and design of PET preform moulds. The Swiss company's consultants and engineers are among the best in the industry. They understand the challenges of preform production and have successfully taken countless projects from concept to turnkey operation. Last but not least, Otto Hofstetter AG, the renowned Swiss mould manufacturer, stands behind the Otto Systems consultants.

Otto Systems is a long-term thinking premium quality supplier of high-value and integrated PET preform production systems with a modular and standardised design. The systems feature an outstanding level of flexibility, functionality, compactness and user-friendliness.

Man operating an injection molding machine.
Your advantages with Otto Systems

Tailor-made to your needs

The needs and benefits of the customer are at the heart of our philosophy. To meet this requirement, we at Otto Systems have developed a unique system concept based on four pillars.


advantage: Smart modularity

Otto Systems’ modular design approach keeps costs down and consists of time-tested, proven components. We carefully fine-tune the clamping and the injection unit, as well as the take-out robot to match the customer’s specific needs. And our systems accept a wide range of preform moulds. This is how we understand modularity.


advantage: Fully integrated

At Otto Systems we know that even the best tools need to be carefully controlled. That’s why we control and monitor the machine, take-out robot, post-mould cooling and peripheral devices centrally via a large, intuitive control panel. This is how we understand integration.


advantage: Proven standards

Otto Systems applies one standard to all the technology and components it employs: absolute reliability that has proven itself thousands of times over. Our solutions are reliable, durable and safe – from the electronic clamping and plasticising unit throughout the injection. This is how we understand standardisation.


advantage: Maximum flexibility

Otto Systems’ turnkey PET systems meet customers’ needs and also accommodate their preferences when it comes to peripherals. Our modular designs use a set of standardised components, but we can integrate a wide range of peripheral components, too, if desired. This is how we understand flexibility.

Our promise

Consistent focus on special applications

As the operator of a PET production system, you need to be certain that you are working with the most economical solution. At Otto Systems, we pursue this goal without compromise. And that is why we focus on special applications, outside the mass market.

PET bottles for water, softdrinks and diary products.

Maximum performance, minimum investment

Otto Systems' PET-Series is the flexible and modular system solution based on our 160- and 240-ton platforms. It is designed for fast applications and achieves cycle times of less than 5 seconds and lock-to-lock times of less than 2 seconds. And all this with impressive energy and AA values. The PET-Series is therefore the perfect choice for small-scale production.

Home- and office delivery bottles for drinking water.

The easy way for heavy applications

The new HOD-Series from Otto Systems is the world's first high-performance preform production system tailored specifically to the HOD (Home and Office Delivery) market. The range has been engineered with an uncompromising focus on the economic and high quality production of heavy preforms. With a 160- and 240-ton unit, the Otto Systems HOD-Series meets all the demanding technical requirements of this sector.

PET preform mould for top-entry systems
Top-Entry moulds

The elegant way out of the one-way street

The PET-Series system, with its special configuration and adjustable tie bar spacing, ensures compatibility with the most important top-accessible moulds. This unique feature helps preform manufacturers to protect the valuable investments in their mould portfolio in the long term.


Sharing and expanding responsibility

The entire industry, and the plastics sector in particular, is under the spotlight all over the world. At Otto Systems, we are committed to being part of our customers. And that's why we take great care when developing our systems to maximise energy efficiency, minimise material consumption and optimise water use. This process is a never-ending endeavour and we intend to go much further.

Hand with rezycled PET flakes.
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Portrait of an Otto Systems employee, Reto Bamert

Reto Bamert

Head of Global Sales

“For more information or questions about life cycle costs, terms and conditions or project timelines, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.”
Customer services

From the initial idea to operation, everything from a single source.

When you partner with Otto Systems, you automatically benefit from more than 40 years of experience in PET preform production at Otto Hofstetter AG. The two Swiss companies collaborate very closely and work hand in hand on research and development.


Otto Systems' experienced consultants guide you from the initial phase of a project right through to its successful handover. They provide you with project proposals and assemble the perfect configuration for your application.


If quality is lacking in the preform, you will never be able to recover it later in the process. Therefore, we offer all our expertise at the very beginning, advising you on preform design and prototyping.


The components of a system must fit together as smoothly as the gears of a Swiss watch. The team of specialists at Otto Systems can help you with system engineering, lightweight concepts and project planning.


Engineering the perfect system for your application is an art in itself. The second is to install the system, to integrate and calibrate all the peripherals, and to fine-tune the process parameters as a whole. Finally, commissioning provides proof of concept.


A production line engineered for peak performance and high standards of quality needs to be handled with the utmost accuracy. Otto Systems trains your operators and shares important tricks for the most efficient handling of the system.


Our customer service specialists are always ready to assist. The dedicated team is responsible for the quality and the support of the entire system after the official handover to production. They also provide hands-on application support and to ensure your systems to be back up to speed in a minimum of time.

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